Mueller Report, Day One: Hillary Still Not President

It’s day one after the Mueller Report, and Hill Army still isn’t President!

The Mueller Report highlighted the attempt by the Russian government to interfere with our election, and Mueller never shone any light on Trump’s blind eye toward Russia.

One thing was clear: there was no collusion, and I watched CNN in full meltdown mode yesterday morning. CNN shifted to the 10 times there was an “sort of,” “maybe,” “almost,” “perhaps” obstruction of justice.

I heard a great analogy…a baseball manager is irate about calling his base runner out at second, and starts to storm out of the dugout to argue with the Umpire. Two burly players stop the manager. The Manager did not argue with the Ump. He may have intended to argue, but he didn’t.

The president certainly intended to fire Mueller, and therefore obstruct justice, but his staff grabbed his coat tails and dragged him back. In the end, he didn’t obstruct justice, much to CNN’s horror.

The nation is suffering from Mueller Fatigue. I understand the Democrats strange need to continue this, but honestly at the end of the day, Hillary still will not be president. If $25 million can’t find a smoking gun to criminally charge the president, it is highly unlikely that a Congressional Committee will find that smoking gun.

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