Morning Musings

Kindle books has noted that I have downloaded and read 199 books, and that does not include that more than 100 audio book I have listened to from


San Diego and San Francisco have approximately the same population, with San Diego slightly larger. And San Diego’s homeless population is also slightly larger, 8,000 to 7,500. What San Diego doesn’t have is a Poop Patrol like San Francisco, because, apparently, San Diego has a better class of homeless. San Francisco had more than 28,000 piles of poop REPORTED in 2018.


To give you some idea of the isolation of the Island of Kauai, Jean and I were relaxing in our “Second Home” when Columbine occurred. It made the bottom of the third page of the Kauai daily paper, the Garden Island, had the report at the bottom of page 3. That isolation from life on the Mainland, is why I went there 26 times for an average of 6 weeks at a time.


The San Diego Padres are indeed seeking their level, after their awesome start. They have lost six in a row. Pitchers aren’t pitching and hitters aren’t hitting. The $300 million man looks like the $1.37 man…but this too shall pass. I’ll still settle for a .500 season.

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