No Rose Garden

I am beginning to look on the Trump Revolution in historical revolution terms.

Trump is a Revolutionary in political terms, but it is a modern Revolution. Other Western nations have breached physical walls to bring down the elites who have historically overlooked the common man. The United States was different from the British, who, under Cromwell, “abridged” the King’s head after leading a Parliamentary Army over the Kings Army. It was a particularly bloody war, and series of massacres. Many thousands of women, children and surrendered soldiers were “put to the sword.”

The French, uncharacteristically, said, “Hold my beer. Watch this!” and blood flowed, with the King and Queen Guillotined. The French nearly ran out of heads to roll, and had to Guillotine the guy who invented the Guillotine, Mssr. Guillotine.

The Russians, tired of the excesses of the Czars, promptly doubled down on excesses and killed the Tsar and his entire family with bullets and bayonets. Anastasia died.

Trump is an American political Revolutionary, and he is overturning everything, because the common folks in the center of the country decided that the elites (and effete, in their terms) had lost the “hand on the plow” language, and the basic simplicity of the common man. They wanted a fighter, and they didn’t care if he swore, caroused, made money, insulted foreigners…hell, they didn’t care so long as he overturned the tables in the Temple. The center of the country was sick of politicians, and Trump was not a politician. He may not have checked off every box, but he was also not Hillary.

This is a political, and bloodless revolution. Heads may not roll, except metaphorically as reputations fall. Not everything is going to be smooth…revolutions aren’t smooth. They are not pretty. This one certainly isn’t, but it isn’t the storming of The Bastille, either. Physical excesses of the past are being rolled back, pockets of political vipers are being exposed, political hypocrisy is now obvious, a hollowed out Military is being rebuilt, and our electronic vulnerability over decades is obvious.

But the Revolutionary Leader is personally flawed. Terribly. We were not promised a rose garden, and Trump isn’t nearly as bad as his historical predecessors.

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