Only One Idiot, I Hope

The Poway Shooting, while not a “massacre” was indeed a Hate Crime against Jews, and within, literally 100 yards of a home I lived in for 22 years.

There is a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Rancho Bernardo/Poway, and this crime will not cause it to crumble. The Jews in the area are truly a strong group, and I must admit that this came out of the blue. There is no culture of anti-Semitism in the area, and unless someone finds a college group in Cal State San Marcos, this is just one crazy idiot. Of course it’s a college campus, so who knows? This same idiot attacked an Escondido Jewish Temple in Escondido recently, he admits. It’s way early, but the murderer appears to be just a nut, at this time.

I wrote for the local paper for 35 years. This is my old stomping ground, and these are my people, not in the religious sense but in more than the geographic sense. This Jewish community is not some aging group of retired lawn bowlers, it is a strong, active group of warm, wonderful people.

I mourn with them.