Some Are Close Friends…

The idiot who attacked the congregation of Temple Chabad in Poway, and whose name should not be mentioned ever again, should have been identified by someone before his cowardly attack.

Lori Gilbert Kaye died, putting herself before the Rabbi, took a bullet, and died. An unarmed Army Veteran rushed the attacker, chasing him into his car. An off-duty Border Patrolman put a bullet into the attacker’s car as he fled. That bullet may have cemented into the attacker’s mind that he could die young for his attack.

Facing life in prison is an equally daunting event for a 19 year old, although I doubt that most 19 year old college students have thought ANYTHING through. In the past, Tom Metzger, famous KKK leader lived in our North County but nothing has been heard of anything untoward in years. There are plenty of activists and radical fellow students at Cal State, San Marcos with this idiot, so his opportunity to attack people with whom he disagrees were close at home.

I know many in the congregation of the Temple. Some are close friends. They are shocked, and I am angry. If I were any longer physically capable I would gladly act as armed security for their services.

The FBI will unseal a terror plot designed for multiple Southern California targets this afternoon. What is going on?

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