Devolved Into An Absurdity

Martina Navratilova and several others argue in the Washington Post today that the Equality Bill, introduced in both the House and Senate, is not fair!

They want an exception for Title IX sports.

The Equality Bills make no such exceptions as written. Under the Equality Bills there could be no Women’s 100 Meter and Men’s 100 Meter Dash…just a single 100 Meter Dash, men competing against women.

I have argued for this for decades. Having separate but equal is inherently unequal…I heard this somewhere in my youth.

Martina Navratilova argues that the fastest woman in the world at 400 Meters had her time eclipsed by 275 high school males in 2018, and on 783 occasions. America’s best woman high jumper had her best jump exceeded by 50 male high jumpers last year by 50 high schoolers just in California.

Of course one of the impetus for an Equality Act at all is because of Transgenders and their demand for equal treatment. Rather than try to divide the sports further into four categories, the Equality Acts say, and the ACLU supports just a single category, and the Devil take the hindmost.

In our search for Equality, we have finally devolved to this Absurdity. It is obvious to me that Men and Women are not equal, they are not the same and that trying to meld them into one is a biological failure.

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