First Amendment

Arghhh…surely I should not need to remind Tucker Carlson that Amazon can block/ban/ignore books all they want without coming near the First Amendment, because the First Amendment ONLY protects against government reaction against expression. Amazon is a private concern.

So is Facebook. Both Facebook should be castigated for their political bias, but it doesn’t savage the First Amendment, But Tucker conflates the subject of private interests and government agencies.

To Tucker’s credit, he catalogued the problems of the Obama Administration’s actual Government violations of the First Amendment. Does the name James Rosen ring a bell?

I deplore the actions of Amazon and Facebook. Unfortunately, they are ubiquitous, although I use DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google as much as possible, and shop WalMart Online more often than Amazon. I have no alternative to Facebook but the guys they took off their private system are not a violation of the First Amendment.

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