My Hero Worship

With all the moralizing some of us do, I find it fair strange that this month the world celebrates the profound genius of the illegitimate son of peasant, possibly a Dollymop. Leonardo, was also a homosexual, served jail time for homosexuality, so he was also a convicted felon. He didn’t have a college degree or any formal education.

Let’s just say he probably couldn’t make the dinner table of most Christians , and in most Muslim countries he would be beheaded.

This month is the 500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo of Vinci, probably the most brilliant, and certainly the most accomplished human that ever put on a pair of sandals.

There is no sense in trying to catalog his greatest accomplishments, but his paintings of which few remain, are the most visually stunning. The Washington Post today features an article on the writer’s being gobsmacked at the sight of The Last Supper. I have only seen his paintings in person in the Russian Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, although it now contains two: The Benois Madonna, and The Litta Madonna. The Louvre has a third of all his paintings.

My Study has always been adorned by his self portrait, and books of his works, and he has always been a study in close to worship. I have seen his traveling invention display, and this year there are many tours tracing his life. Only my lack of mobility denies me this last pilgrimage.

If you can imagine a small area of Italy where both Leonardo and Michelangelo were alive at the same time?

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