Prison, Anyone?

For 20 years an aluminum extruded company has been providing product to NASA, and those extrusions have been below standards, purposely.

The results, according to a government investigation, were two missile losses along with associated payroll, totaling some $700 million. The Oregon Company, Sapa but now Hydro Extrusions Portland, has been reorganized after committing this fraud. It paid $46 million in fines and faces still more in criminal charges for falsifying inspection results.

Two questions: Why has not this been important news, and why are the Principals not already in prison?

A Walkoff, Pinch Hit Home Run.

The Padres fought the hated Dodgers two straight nights only to lose by one run each time, once in the ninth inning. Sunday looked like a repeat with the Dodgers leading by one in the ninth inning, but in the bottom of the ninth the Padres got the bases loaded, using two bunts for base hits. There were no outs, but then there were two outs, with the bases still loaded.

The Pitchers position was next, but the Padres put in reserve outfielder Hunter Refroe, who promptly drove a pitch over the wall for a pinch hit, walk off, bases loaded home run, and the Padres sent a message in all three games that the Padres would need to be respected if not feared.

When Tatis gets back, the Padres will go Dodger hunting.