Whatever It Is…

O.K. This is going to be a sensitive subject, so if your virginal ears are twitching, skip this.

The largest, and most influential consumer show in the US, perhaps the world, is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is an annual affair and until it simply got so big as to wear me out, I attended it when I was heavy into computers.

The most sought after award, worth $2 million, is the Robotics Innovation Award, and this past show that was won by Lora Dicarlo Company for a, let me use an euphemism, “women’s pleasure device.”

After getting the award, the award was taken back, as was the $2 million. It seems the Consumer Electronics Show was embarrassed, but if it was embarrassed by the award, that was nothing compared to the embarrassment of denying the Lora Dicarlo Company of the award and taking it back.

It seems that among the robotic entries were robotic floor cleaners and lawnmowers and a sex doll for men, but the directors of the show were embarrassed that a women’s, ahhh, “pleasure device” could win. The women in the electronics world cried foul!

And indeed it was!

Well, the show directors have reversed their decision. The “Ose” Massaging Device is handsfree, and is indeed the winner, and with it $2 million, which will go a long way in rewarding the company and the Oregon State Electronics Department which helped develop it…ahhh, whatever it is.

Whatever it is will first ship in November.

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