Catch The Wind

You don’t have to be a fan of track and field to appreciate the comeback of Matthew Boling in the anchor leg of the high school 4×400 meter relay in Texas. Almost three seconds behind when he took the baton, Boling just ate up the leading runner in what is described as an unprecedented comeback.

Now Boling is, as some have described, in another dimension as a runner. He set a new national record in the 100 meter dash of 9.98 seconds, but the wind was a tick over the requirement for the absolute record.

Nevertheless, Bolings’ relay was heart stopping! The 4×400 had four of the top rated Seven high school relay teams in the nation, so this was a real test. In the last lap, the Strake Jesuit team was way behind the leading runner, but the crowd knew what Boling could do, and as expected, he just ate up the distance. In relays, the fastest runner is usually the last, so Boling was not running against some nobody, and Boling had the crowd cheering as he caught the leading runner at the tape.

Truly amazing. Analysts say that Boling’s form has flaws, but nobody can catch him to tell. In my Texas youth, Texas always had the fastest sprinters.

They do again!

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