For Life!

I grit my teeth every time I write a check to Wounded Warrior, or similar organizations that help those wounded in battle. The US Government that sent them into battle should take care or their every need. That means robotic limbs, houses that accommodate them and cars or track vehicles — for life!

Every homeless Vet should also be the responsibility of the Federal Government.

The government’s send men (primarily) into battle, then wash their hands with the exception of the Veterans Administration. Of course it is better than Britain after the Battles or Trafalgar and Waterloo, after which thousands of war amputees lined the streets of London as beggars…but just barely.

The federal government should provide EVERYTHING necessary to to bring these men who gave so much for their country to parity with their non-combat brethren, and if the government thinks the price too high, perhaps it will be more reluctant to send the men into foreign battle.

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