Crime is starting to pay, less and less.

Everyone who doesn’t have security cameras is aided by neighbors who do. Thieves don’t have personal helicopters, so the culprits must walk or drive and neighbor’s cameras catch them coming and going.

My front cameras cover the street and the driveway of my neighbors across the street. My rear cameras cover not just my property, but the green of the golf course behind me. That green has attracted kids in trucks in the past, but now there are several cameras covering every inch of the golf course.

Every night we see on the news about some Porch Pirate caught on camera. How dumb does one have to be not to recognize the number of doorbell camera units in America?

Now I’m certain that the criminal element will find some method to evade cameras, or at least cover themselves so they aren’t recognize. Cars have more problems, and just this morning in San Diego a doorbell camera caught a hit and run on camera.

In some communities, police are organizing camera-owning individual homes to provide ready-made surveillance of public areas and streets, and to be able to quickly track the individuals after they commit crimes.

Eventually,even the criminal class will figure this out. Someone will see them camera Electronics to disable cameras in areas, or at least camera location devices.

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