A Baseball Problem

The Washington Post has a great article on baseball, attributing baseballs problems with pitching velocity! Anyone watching baseball this year can agree…pitchers have too much velocity, and many are over 100 MPH.

True to form, the San Diego Padres announced on the same day as the front page WaPo article, that they were bringing up to a higher level, a 20 year old reliever from Mexico who throws 104 MPH.

The result is that batters are striking out at a record pace…8.78 strikeouts, league-wide, per nine innings. Another result is that teams are using more relief pitchers, trying to get rested arms in the game.

Major League Baseball is considering changing the distance from the plate to the mound, from its historic 60 feet six inches, to 62 feet six inches, or even 64 feet in an effort to give batters a chance. When you read the article, complete with the stats baseball is famous for, you understand the problem better, and no, it isn’t North Korea, Iran or even Venezuela, but it is a problem.


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