Morning Musings

According to the U.S. Section of the “International Boundary and Water Commission,” some 100 million gallons of toxic waste have flowed into the San Diego County from Mexico just in the past two months.

This has been going on for at least 40 of the past years, day in, day out, unabated and generally unremarked upon, except for surfers and bathers of South San Diego beaches. Finally, lawsuits are bringing some visibility to the problem of being so close to Tijuana.


The Washington Post held a taste panel to discover the best hot dog in America.

I’ll save you the mystery, which is so very predictable…COSTCO was the winner.


According to WaPo, Berkeley, California is having a liberal meltdown over homeless RVs parking on city streets. In a Most illiberal move, the City Council just banned the practice, which equally liberal Oakland objects to for fear the Homeless Vans will occupy that neighboring city.

San Diego has gone through this, first permitting the practice, then banning it, all in a few weeks. California has about half the Homeless population in America thanks to a mild climate and liberal policies, but even the homeless don’t prefer sleeping on concrete.

San Diego just approved a tiny room (30 s.f.) sleeping pod facility with shared toilet/shower use for the overnight travelers at the airport. (I have stayed in a similar facility in Helsinki…not bad at all.) The charge is predicted to be $35 a night. Perhaps that concept, plus huge tents, plus Tiny Homes can help bring this scourge under control.

As one Berkeley homeowner remarked, he has a million dollar home, but the guy in the broken down camper at his curb has a better view!

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