McCain Tweaks Trump From The Grave

(Chuckle) Months after American Hero, John MCCain has been eulogized, transported, then eulogized, and again transported…and eventually buried at a Naval Academy he did so much to needle while he was a Midshipman, McCain got under Trumps thin skin for the 12th millionth time!

If it were possible for a corpse to grin, McCain is grinning. It will likely not be the last time. McCain, who bedeviled the Academy, the Navy, the Vietnam Cong prison guards, then the U.S. Senate, and finally President Trump, can continue from the grave.

You have to give MCCain credit! I certainly do!

By now you have heard about (probably) some Captain trying to make Admiral by sucking up to the President in covering the fantail naming the ship. The ship was in dry dock so it couldn’t be moved out of the President’s view during the presidential trip to Japan.

The president denies he gave an order to put a tarp over the John MCCain name, and I believe him. My 26 years in the Navy left me with many examples of “working toward the Leader,” or trying to guess what will ingratiate themselves with the leader.

(I never heard of the phrase, but have seen it in action, often.)

The last thing Trump thought he would have to do is to deny he ordered the covering up of John McCain’s name. Then to top it off, the president had to listen to his own Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, praise MCCain: “I would never dishonor the memory of a great American patriot like Sen. John McCain” in asking that the fantail be covered.

McCain got Trump again!

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