Mexico is Not Our Friend

I understand from an economic standpoint why so many Senators hate a 5% tariff on Mexico, but if they have a better solution to get Mexico’s attention they should bring it.

The Senate has no alternative, because if it did it would have done it. A tariff is a blunt instrument, but it’s very threat brought the Mexicans to the table and we will see what that brings and how closely they adhere to whatever is agreed.

If the Senate Republicans do block Trump he can always close the Border of course. A Court will order it open, but just being closed a few hours will be a message that can’t be missed.

If the Central Americans were coming a few at a time, Mexico might have a leg to stand on, but they come in easily identified Caravans that can be stopped. Doing the stopping without using any violence may be difficult, and Mexico doesn’t want public violence because using violence on Brown people to help the United States will not be popular. Anything to help the US will not be popular in Mexico.

Mexico is not our friend. They must be forced to do what we want because they will not do something that is right, or to help us. They need their private parts squeezed.

Tariffs do that. “Orderint dum metuant”

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