Love/Hate Relationship

Word from two sources, one each from the two corners in the Mexican Tariff negotiations, indicates the Mexican offer is to send 6,000 Mexican troops to the Guatemala Border, and to assist in the return of illegals to their country of origin. This would enforce International Law, which requires Asylum Seekers to first apply for assistance in an Embassy in their own country, and if they must flee to seek asylum in the first country they flee to.

That would be Guatemala for most Central Americans, and Mexico for Guatemalans.

These are interesting Mexican proposals, but it raises the question of why didn’t Mexico do these things, yesterday, last month, last year…?

The answer is that, as I have noted, Mexico is NOT our friend. It has never been our friend, but applying a bit of pressure to their national private parts is beneficial.

The problem is, as a former president of Mexico has noted, to make whatever concessions without appearing “to bend a knee” to the hated Gringos of the North.

Mexicans are particularly sensitive (read, “extremely sensitive”) about their apparently subservient position to the US. The old Mexican saying that translates to, “Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States” is germane. The Mexicans believe one of my family, President James K. Polk, stole their land in the Mexican War, and the subsequent Treaty of Hidalgo, and that argument has at least a modicum of truth. That was in the days of American Expansionism, and the entire world operated on the theory of “If you can’t hold it, you can’t have it.”

Mexico couldn’t hold it. The Mexican War was particularly galling, with an American Army occupying Mexico City, and there is a Love/Hate relationship going on that is common between unequal partners.

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