New Sheriff in Town

Of course Trump won concessions from Mexico, first because Mexico has been wrong, wrong, wrong in aiding and abetting this Southern Invasion for years, and secondly because Trump was willing to be a bully.

Make no mistake, the bullying was fully justified, even overdue, but the US has been unwilling to use its power for fear of being called a bully for decades. Other nations have been willing to throw stones at us, never fearing retaliation, but there is a new Sheriff in town.

New rules of conduct are slowly being enforced. Effete Democrats do not like our new and more testosterone driven stance, but it appears our Nancy boy attitude of the past may be over, at least temporarily.

We may need to announce a new “Zone of Safety” around our planes and ships as well. “Anything approaching our ships and planes within 4,000 yards in an aggressive manner, is subject to defensive lethal and kinetic action on our part.”

The Russians and Iranians, and to a lesser extent the Chinese are threatening our ships on the high seas. A game of chicken is too dangerous between light hull ships with hundreds of men below decks. The Russian Navy is too weak by far to challenge our Navy, but like so many other nations they have benefitted from our reluctance to retaliate.

That should end. Soon.

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