Saint Jean

I am so smug…Jean Baker married me 62 years ago, today, and we have loved and laughed throughout those years without an unkind word passing between us. Her friends call her “Saint Jean,” for putting up with me.

Jean has had Alzheimer’s for five years now, but she is still the sweet, loving wife I married. It was love at first sight for me on my blind date to Hood College For Girls, as the Naval Academy (all male) Chapel Choir rehearsed Handel’s Messiah with Hood’s (all female) Choir.

Back to the Academy that night on the Academy bus, I told my roommate, Paul Hathaway, “I have found the girl I am going to marry.”

We dated, illegally, all Plebe Year, and were married the day after I barely graduated. For decades I have started each day, like today, begging her not to leave me today. It has been magical. Absolutely magical.

A very public, “Thank you, Jean.”

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  1. Prayers for her and you, Allen…

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