Mexico is Not Our Friend

Mexico could have stopped the Caravans, and could now without the threats. They don’t because they don’t like us…partly a history between, partly it’s envy, partly a safety valve, partly corruption, partly just pure laziness.

The 5% Tariff caused Mexico to focus on a problem that suddenly became more acute than the hundreds of problems that plague a nation first founded by Europeans at the same time as the US, with better weather and more natural resources.

You can place your own reasons for the Mexican failure…I can think of a few. It was founded by the Spanish, who were not interested in land, but gold. They found plenty of that, but were never interested in land. The Spanish were Catholic, to the point that the Pope was called upon to settle a Spanish/Portuguese land dispute, and the Pope knew so little about the geography that when he drew a line, all of Central and South America was awarded to Spain except Brazil.

Reliance on the church was stifling, and Mexico finally threw it off…too late. Cartels filled vacuum left by the church, as an alternative to the political machine. The money from the cartels corrupted what was left of the government, and no force in Mexico is able to overcome the cartels “Gold or lead” omnipresence.

Of course the largely untaxed remittances sent home by illegal aliens is a huge incentive for Mexico to send, and keep a massive presence in the US. The private welfare provided to Mexicans at home from illegals working here amounts to more, $25 billion in 2015, than Mexican oil exports from Pemex.

Mexico’s inherent dislike of the US is too strong to permit it to ask for as much help from us as it needs, hence the need for us to apply judicious pressure. Often.

Our national defense, the defense of our Southern Border, demands it.

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