Justice, But Not For Everyone Involved

There is so little good news coming from Courts, that one must rejoice when it is found.

Oberlin College, in Ohio, has been found to be guilty of aiding and abetting college students in the harm done to a local bakery in town, which bakery had been in business for five generations.

The problem arose when a Black student attempted to shoplift a bottle of wine, and got caught. Two fellow Black students, girls, raised a ruckus to get him released by store employees, and failing, organized a series of protests before the family owned store, and pressured the College to end a long time cafeteria contract with the bakery.

The shoplifter pleaded guilty in court.

The family and by extension its employees lost money over several years from the student and College boycott, and sued the College. Meanwhile, the offending students have graduated and fled on their way, unmolested.

A jury awarded the bakery $11 million in actual damages, and subsequently this past week added $33 million in punitive damages, although the punitive damages exceeds the law and may be reduced. The total certainly sends a message to the College, and it means that the jury ignored pleas by the College that such awards will harm the students.

Hopefully, a message has been sent, although the students who caused this suffered none of the consequences they caused the College. I wish someone would interview them!

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