Trump’s Problem With China

Without turning my comments into a history lesson, it is absolutely true that some nations harbor great resentment that colors their present. Because we share a common culture, Britain has sort of forgiven their previous Colony, but countries like China, Mexico, and the Central American group…well, they don’t like us.

China actually hates all foreigners, the British most of all because of the Opium Wars, which were actually the Tea Wars, but since we share a British culture, well….Westerners all look alike.

You see, back in the early to mid 1800s, Britain was in serious financial straights because it had a tea craving that put it in massive trade deficit with China. China traded tea for silver, and the British treasury had none. 10% of the average British household money bought tea, and China grew ALL the tea. (It is still the second most drunk beverage, worldwide, behind only water!)

The Hounerable (Yes, that is the correct spelling) East India Company sent Robert Fortune to steal tea seeds for India, but it would take years for the plants to mature, so Britain forced the highly addictive and India-grown Opium into China in huge amounts, by the force of the British Navy (The Opium Wars), thereby refilling the British treasury. The British, in effect, traded opium for tea, by force in what has always been taught in China as the “Unequal Treaties”…they think the current unequal treaties by the US as compensation for what they call, the “100 years of Humiliation.”

(Robert Fortune stole both Green Tea seeds, then Black Tea seeds, both from high in the China mountains where foreigners were forbidden. It was successful industrial espionage)

China remembers. Trump probably doesn’t even know. What Trump thought would be an easy tariff war, isn’t. Trump had better hope for a win both with Mexico on the Border (they remember General Scott dictating terms in Mexico City), and with the China on the tariff front if he is to win re-election.

It won’t be easy. Perhaps not even possible. Now back to my iced tea…a Black Tea from China. (It’s called “China Mist” and it’s wonderful!)

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