California Crazy

A blog that tracks such things ( tells us why California real estate is so expensive…”fees.” Fees are the taxes that are collected for each home before they are built, and the fees cover such things as the schools that are built to school (not educate, since California stands near the bottom).

One of my nearby cities, Carlsbad, charges developers about $120,000 per home before the first nail is pounded. Some California cities charge more than $150,000. Developers must buy the land, wait for at least a year before getting through a laborious permit process, and pay outrageous fees. You can buy a home in parts of America for what it costs a developer in California before he starts building.

The last I checked, our gas prices were higher than Hawaii gas prices, and the state, which already collects the highest gas taxes, will collect an additional six cents a gallon on July 1. This state is absolutely CRAZY!

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