Big Conservative Win!

The Supreme Court did two historic things today: Most importantly they overturned a precedent, admitting that a thirty year old case had been wrongly decided, and in doing so they granted a woman the right to sue in federal court for a town taking her land to provide access to an old cemetery. (Knick v Scott Township)

Previously, those whose land was taken had to lose in other State Courts to sue in federal court, now the Court ruled a victim suffered a “Taking” the moment of the offense, and could go directly to federal court for redress.

It seems logical to me. “Taking” is a federal offense, a violation specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and should be decided is a federal court.

The Pacific Legal Foundation, worthy of your financial support, won this case. Congratulations, on their 12th Supreme Court win!

Chief Justice Roberts, the swing vote in many cases, sided with the Conservatives on the issue, making it a 5-4 decision. Since the decision overturned a wrongfully decided liberal opinion, the liberals are concerned that the Court will reconsider Roe v Wade.

Good! They should be! Roe v Wade was one of the worst decisions in history.

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