Bring Back Mattis!

Lord, I miss General Mattis!

President Trump needs leadership in the Department of Defense, and he doesn’t have it…period.

I am dismayed , again, with the president “climbing down,” again. I have no idea what the president’s strategy regarding Iran. If I am confused there is no cost, but if the Joint Chief’s Of Staff are confused, which they must surely be, that is not good.


Administration officials told WaPo that the president is always told at the time of the briefing what the likely casualty impact will be. No, this is another “I’ll close the Border” incident, where, of course, he didn’t.

We await a measured response to the shooting down of the VERY expensive drone. $100+ million is not to be sneezed at even in this time of inflation. Complete inaction would embolden Iran, at least to the point of shooting down future drones, or at least make the US consider not using drones to pursue further intelligence in the very volatile Straits of Hormuz. What are our alternative platforms that would not endanger our pilots?

The drone shot down did not have anti-missile technology, but it is a large vehicle and surely can be fitted to defend itself.

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