Lawful Changes Ahead

The next law being overturned in the Supreme Court will be big, really big, in fact, huge!

And it has nothing to do with Roe v Wade.

It has to do with the Congressional practice of passing laws, then empowering unelected, and in most cases, unseen regulators to institute the rules to enforce the written law. The Constitution, of course, does not recognize this power in regulatory agencies, and about 100 years of practices by such regulatory agencies are soon to be overturned.

We have all seen the power of these “rules” set up by, in particular, the EPA, whose overstepping of common sense have been such a pain. Just off the top of my mind, the EPA has declared seasonal streams as “Waterways” to place land under their control.

The liberal control of the SCOTUS voting bloc on this issue, is extremely fragile. In the latest vote, 5-3 on Grundy v United States, with Justice Kavanaugh recused, Justice Alito, who sided with the liberals on the Grundy vote, wrote, “if a majority of this Court were willing to reconsider the approach we have taken for the past 84 years, I would support that effort.”

Ian Millhiser, writing in ThinkProgress, opines under a headline that says the sentence by Alito is “the most terrifying sentence to appear in a Supreme Court opinion in years” that “The revolution is coming, and it is likely to take with it much of the regulatory structure that protects workers, patients, victims of discrimination, and the environment.”

Absolutely true. The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to write the laws in such a manner that they can be executed by the Executive Branch…no mention is given to implementing regulations being given any delegated power. Most of Government is delegated power.

It bodes a revolution in law, and a return to the LAW as written, with the hope for changing the laws instead of interpreting black to mean white, because it is expedient.

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