Monday Musings

In Connecticut, biological males who identified themselves as females, won 13 of the 14 high school championships in which they competed.

If that seems as discriminatory toward the true females that did not win, and therefore did not finish highly for college scholarships, Connecticut doesn’t care.

Once into college, transgender athletes must submit to a year of testosterone suppression drugs before they can compete.


WaPo today relates that Democrats are trying to stop the Trump administration from moving two offices of the USDA, with about 500 jobs, out of the D.C. area to the Mid-West.

Unions say that the USDA will hem orange talent, as the workers will be reluctant to move their families 1,000 miles.

Great, the time is overdue to move the nation’s Capitol to Salt Lake City, so as to weaken the multi-generational bureaucrat hold, and the Eurocentric mind frame.