Tackling The Homeless Problem

Homelessness has hit the president’s desk, and Lord knows the problem exists but it exists primarily in Democrat cities.

San Diego has a homeless problem, some 8,000 live on our streets, plus we briefly had a car/van homeless parking problem but we solved that quickly when La Jolla residents erupted.

San Diego still has a Republican Mayor, probably our last, but the homeless Veterans we have generated enough pressure in our military town to solve the problem…somewhat. Every year we have a day called “Stand Down” that provides all sorts of help for homeless Veterans, with haircuts, mental health specialists, housing professionals, etc. but the Mayor built on that to put up huge tents for housing. We probably House every Veteran every night, and then the city did other huge tents for non-Veterans.

It helps that San Diego has a HUGE and very well run VA Hospital, as befits a military town, and that provides massive mental and physical help for those homeless Veterans who want help.

That last clause is important “help for those homeless Veterans who want help.” Many don’t, just as many non-Veterans don’t. That leaves us with 8,000 hard core homeless, a lot less than most. San Diego attack’s the problem, as do some really high value and hard working volunteer groups like Father Joe. Although Father Joe has retired personally, he set the mark for homeless families, “up or out” — get a job in a month or so, or leave.

While at Father Joe’s a homeless family gets full service, whatever is needed to reestablish normalcy, but they must work toward it. Father Joe’s is generous, but they are not stupid.

San Diego must get a higher class of homeless because we don’t have the feces problem inflicting San Francisco. Of course any warm city will attract homeless people. We are no different, but we started attacking the problem earlier and with more vigor.

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