Incident Report (Hong Kong)

If you live long enough, and pay attention outside your work and home, you will have noted many changes in the world you can measure.

Those of us in the Navy’s Submarine Force, for instance, remember with great fondness the old Hong Kong under British Rule. Because the Submarine Force in the Pacific was so small, we rotated into Hong Kong often as a Rest and Relaxation port, and I said in those days that I would consider retiring there.

Once I even flew my wife to Hong Kong for an extended holiday. My Commanding Officer granted me an extra week while my Submarine returned to Japan. (The men in my Department during my absence, successfully smuggled two Hong Kong prostitutes into Japan, causing an International Incident and lots of swear words, but that’s another story, except to say that having flown back to Japan, my wife and I retired to Tokyo until the heat subsided. I wrote an Incident Report of this episode in my Memoirs)

Anyway, Hong Kong under Britain was wonderful, even magical in my mind, but it is no longer under British rule. That is made obvious, daily. Yes, the British acquired the port under Colonialism and had to return it. Everyone knew the Chinese would try to exercise more control than the agreement they made when accepting the return, because that is what authoritarian regimes do.

Rather than riot, Hong Kong should simply go on a total strike. Shut the port and city down for a week and the chaos it would cause would ripple through the entire Chinese economy for a year. There is nothing the Mainland Chinese authorities could do to get the Hong Kong economy to work, and it could not use the police to run anything.

A General Strike would certainly send a message, without violence.

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