The Trial Brought Forth More…

Navy Petty Officer Gallagher has been found Not Guilty of the murder of an ISIS bomb maker, and will soon retire. Testimony during the trial opened the possibility of a generational issue between an old school squad leader and a new generation of men.

That sort of thing is obviously rippling through society, and there is no reason to believe the SEALS are immune to it, but that would be the last place I would look for it.

Since the trial was held in San Diego, we had a running report daily on the news, and there was a great deal of local sympathy for Gallagher, running generally in the tone of, “He killed an ISIS FIGHTER? Isn’t that what he is supposed to do.”

Of course the fighter was a prisoner, but history is replete with prisoners on both sides never making it back to a POW holding company. Sometimes it is entire companies of POWs as related in the WWII accounts in the book, “Citizen Soldiers” and sometimes it is a single soldier as in Gallagher’s case.

Gallagher was found guilty of taking a photo with a dead soldier, and the proliferation of cell phone cameras makes that more likely today than in the past, and certainly that is insensitive and likely to inflame civilians who are easily inflamed over dead, often mutilated bodies…but that is war. It isn’t pretty…perhaps it would be better if civilians knew what war was like, there might be less interest in war.

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