China Lake Shakes

When the Naval Weapons Center in Ridgecrest, China Lake, computerized their civilian offices, II taught them Word and Excel, so I stayed in Ridgecrest.

The Navy base there is the largest Navy base in the world, more than a million acres. Ridgecrest is an interesting little town, and I didn’t even know it was on an earthquake fault, although I guess most of California is. San Diego has a few also, although San Diego has fewer and they are less susceptible to movement.

Earthquake insurance is another matter…it is simply too expensive and the deductible is so outrageous that, at least in San Diego, insurance is unreasonable. I have taken all the usual precautions like wiring tall furniture to the walls, but if the house is destroyed, I’ll give all the remaining furniture away and rent on Kauai.

One thing I can’t protect is the stained glass window in our shower. It was yellow crinkle glass when we bought the home 25 years ago, and I hate crinkle glass so I commissioned a 45” by 55” stained glass. I doubt it would survive a major shock.

Residents in San Diego County don’t take the sort of precautions that others may take. On Kauai, everything is either disposable or indestructible. One doesn’t take fine antiques, for example, because the odds are too high a hurricane will ruin them. I suspect those in Tornado Alley May take some similar precautions. In Florida, folks must watch for alligators in their homes, I read that the police get more than 2,000 calls a year to remove alligators from homes.

San Diego is just a pretty quiet location. We feel a trembler once a decade, and we are fire prone, although new state fire fighting sensitivity has reduced our fears. Drones alert the firefighters if anyone lights a cigarette in the forrest.

So, we are fairly sanguine.

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