Lazy Sunday in the garden, 80 degrees. Put a lot of Water Hyacinths in the pond this last week. In many states the plant is banned because it is so invasive, and it can double in size in just days. Fine, as I have killed my last Koi, at least for this year.

We have four resident Butterflies and one resident pond Dragonfly, with one visiting Butterfly and one visiting Dragonfly today. Since Dragonfly are territorial, the visiting one must be a female. Our garden is 75 feet long, plus another 30 feet of pond and greenery, and four tiers deep, including flowers, 17 huge Sago Palms, 75 feet of San Diego Red Bougainvillea and 12 fruit trees. And that is just one side of the house!

Laid up by a major muscle sprain, sitting in the garden and drinking iced tea, is not a bad Sunday

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