I saw an ad on my FB page from someone called offering to help people write their Biography. With no knowledge of the company, or their competence, the idea of writing your Bio is first rate! Everyone has a story to tell, because your family 100 years hence will be interested in your life.

I wrote my Bio years ago, and even though I had received many awards, they have continued after my Bio was “complete.” Fortunately, I wrote and published more than 2,000 newspaper columns, so I am a writer, and as a professional computerist I know my way around a Keyboard. My Autobiography is only for my family, so I don’t worry about having it printed…it is on DVD.

But you don’t have to have any skills at all to write an Autobiography…you have the most knowledge of anyone about your life, and that is the primary, I would say the ONLY requirement. If you can hunt and peck a keyboard, every word processor has so much automation that you can a do a serviceable job. If you can’t bring yourself to write, have someone videotape you telling stories. That’s what an Autobiography is…stories. You do need some organizational skills, or you can wing it as I did

In the Navy, things out of the norm are reported as “Incident Reports” so I did my chapters as Incident Reports. Some were as short as half a page, a few reached three pages. I wrote them as they came to mind, or more accurately, popped into my head.

After writing many Incidents I started t think of how to arrange them, but even a series of unrelated stories is better than having the knowledge lost.

Start it. Then do it. No one can do it better than you. You could write outlines of chapters, then have someone tape each story on your phone when you are ready.

So many options, but the story is the thing, not your spelling ability. Content, not process.

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