It Does…Until it Doesn’t.

I have a question: if what the president says is undeniably true, how does that make it racist?

Baltimore is corrupt at the top and a festering sore at the bottom. That is true. Bernie Sanders agrees. A former Mayor agrees. It is true, and it is also true that the worst parts of Baltimore have been represented in Washington by Rep. Elija Cummings for decades.

The only problem is that it is not a responsibility of a Congressman to clean up his district…that belongs to local government. It is obvious that local government hasn’t done diddly squat in Baltimore but other than jawing with the Mayor and City Council members, a Congressman has no power at home.

It is not racist, however, to point out that a Congressman represents a pestilence infested area. That is true in this case, regardless of whether the District is represented by White, a Black, a Latino or an Asian.

Baltimore is more dangerous than Chicago.

Puerto Rico just demonstrated a fact right before our eyes…they filled the streets with people to demand their Governor resign, a Governor they had elected. Baltimore keeps electing folks who must resign for corruption, as well. In the meanwhile Baltimore put the brakes on their police, and the murder rate skyrocketed.

Trump has no filter on his mouth, and everything he does will be met with cries of “Racism.” His comment on Cummings is more likely just political sparring but Democrats will cry “Racism” regardless because they believe it serves their political purpose, and it does…until it doesn’t.

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