China Rising

The looming trade war is long overdue, and had it been done in a better fashion when we had greater leverage, we would have suffered less as a nation. China has been eating our lunch for decades, and in a manner that it intolerable in the long run…which is to say they regularly steal trade secrets.

I don’t care about their low-cost manufacturing whupping up on our toy industry. I care about their stealing of industrial secrets, which is done on an industrial scale. Time to cut off that spigot.

We still have leverage, although it will hurt us more than it would in the past. Our trade war could overlap into a kinetic war over either the island of Taiwan or the reefs the Chinese have fortified in the South China Sea in order to extend their “Territorial Waters” — which is concentrated piggy poo, and they know it. The International Court has told them so, but since they consider themselves the “Center of the Universe” they expand where they want to expand.

One thing they fear is the Japanese, and with good historical reason. They should fear us more because we defeated the Japanese, but recently pacifist doctrine has swept both the US and Japan, but not China, so China is acting more robust.

Recent wars we have engaged in were ground insurgencies so our Navy has been largely ignored in weaponry, and what we have is a bit rusty in warfare, but that is where we may be challenged.

Trump is not looking for a fight, in fact he is shutting down the Middle East as fast as feasible, but he is not likely to back down in Asia. Like the Trade War, a kinetic battle is better in the recent past, or now.

It would not be better in the future.


On a more serious note than the usual FB fare, I have tried the new non-meat meat, the Impossible Burger from Burger King.

Reaction: Can’t tell the difference.

Some wags who write for popular magazines have more sensitive palettes, have declared the non-meat meat to be 85%, but my palette can’t taste a difference and I am a big Whopper fan. Your mileage many vary.

The new debate is over the advantage of the non-meat meats in nutrition or heart hearty advantage. Having had a five-way heart Bypass, I am sensitive to that information when it comes. Right now, there is no information that makes the Impossible Whopper worth the higher price it costs, except to Vegetarians, but should the vegetable “meat” turn out to be more Heart-healthy, I’m all over that new alternative


I learned recently on Tucker Carlson’s show that there are some 30 emotional support animals authorized to fly airplanes, including tiny horses.

I don’t want to fly in an airplane where someone is so emotionally fragile as to need a horse, or a monkey for that matter. These are people who rush cockpits and try to open loading doors at 30,000 feet!

People refuse to sit next to a Trump supporter, or bash their significant other with computers in today’s aircraft, and I don’t recall any of that in past decades…we seem to have a fragile population.

But a tiny horse? You are kidding me. If they are that emotionally insecure, I don’t want to be on the same plane!

SCOTUS Get Warning

Five liberal US Senators have threatened the Supreme Court to drop a hearing of a New York gun case, or face an effort to “restructure” the Court!

This is probably a threat to “pack the Court” as was FDRs intention when the Court of his administration angered him. Packing the Court appears to be a Democratic Party response since I do not recall any attempt or treat to do so during the leftist Warren Court.

I do recall billboards calling for “Impeach Earl Warren” dotting across the landscape, but as ThinkProgress remarked this is a “Declaration of War” against what they perceive as a conservatively political Supreme Court, driven by the concepts of the Federalist Society.

(For the record, I hope they are right, because I support an original reading of the Constitution. As the deceased Justice Scalia brilliantly said, “The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.”

A NYC law is the case that has caused the five leftist Senators to “warn” the SCOTUS. The law forbids the bringing of handguns into city limits, even unloaded and in a locked container separated from ammunition.

Fearing a judicial review that would give SCOTUS another bite of the gun control issue, the progressives worry the gun rights might actually be expanded, as in “…shall not be infringed.”

NYC doesn’t want the law reviewed and has made changes so that the progressives can claim the SCOTUS will be reviewing a law that doesn’t exist, and perhaps drop their review.


It is in this toxic environment that one branch of the government threatens another. We will see what happens on or before Oct. 1 when SCOTUS is scheduled to hear the case. I suspect that this “warning” will amount to nothing, unless the Senate and President goes Democratic in the next election.

They KNEW!

As impossible as it may appear, a member of the Polish Underground volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz!

It had NOT been the intent of Witold Pilecki to spend two and a half years in that death camp, but he had volunteered to be captured before the camp had become a death camp, and found he could not easily escape as every day the camp became the death camp for which it became known.

Witold Pilecki was “fortunate” in that many of the initial Polish prisoners became the workers in the infirmary, the woodworking shop, the bakery, the Taylor shop etc. and while millions died around him, Witold Pilecki organized a Resistance within and got messages out about the slaughter of Jews, Poles and Russian POWs.

I am now reading the book, “The Volunteer” by Jack Fairweather. Pilecki’s Couriers took as long as six months to reach London, where their message was largely ignored, particularly the plea to bomb the camps. Higher authority apparently believed the best way to help the Jews was to end the war quickly, but the Vatican, London and Washington knew.

And that is the tragedy. They knew!

White Supremacy

One Washington Post columnist’s headline today reads “Arsonist Condemns Inferno,” which is certainly a catchy phrase. With the caveat that Columnists seldom if ever write their own headlines, the phrase illustrates the political divide.

The president condemned White Supremacy today, the first time in my knowledge that he has done so in that term, but he is so late in doing so as to let opponents say, “R I g h tttt….”

I believe it is certainly true that Trump has created a climate into which marginal idiots, who always exist in a 350 million population, feel more psychological comfortable. Trump has not eased laws, or law enforcement, but his rhetoric, “is not helpful” is the term of art in diplomatic circles.

Right from the start Trump lost me with his first pronouncement on illegal immigration. “They’re (Mexico) sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” June 16, 2015

I have known literally hundreds of illegal Mexican aliens, and I doubt Trump has known any, and I know Trump’s assertion is deeply flawed. Most are good people, and some are not. My opinion is easily proved…there are 22 million illegal aliens, and if most were bad our country would be in continuous riot. Of course most should be deported, but most were simply seeking better economic opportunity just as you and I would do under their circumstances.

I have always believed (because it is true), that almost everything Republicans say about Democrats has some truth to it, and visa versa. Democrats claim the president himself is racist, which I doubt, but there is this whiff of racism in his rhetoric. He is late in correcting that.