They KNEW!

As impossible as it may appear, a member of the Polish Underground volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz!

It had NOT been the intent of Witold Pilecki to spend two and a half years in that death camp, but he had volunteered to be captured before the camp had become a death camp, and found he could not easily escape as every day the camp became the death camp for which it became known.

Witold Pilecki was “fortunate” in that many of the initial Polish prisoners became the workers in the infirmary, the woodworking shop, the bakery, the Taylor shop etc. and while millions died around him, Witold Pilecki organized a Resistance within and got messages out about the slaughter of Jews, Poles and Russian POWs.

I am now reading the book, “The Volunteer” by Jack Fairweather. Pilecki’s Couriers took as long as six months to reach London, where their message was largely ignored, particularly the plea to bomb the camps. Higher authority apparently believed the best way to help the Jews was to end the war quickly, but the Vatican, London and Washington knew.

And that is the tragedy. They knew!

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