SCOTUS Get Warning

Five liberal US Senators have threatened the Supreme Court to drop a hearing of a New York gun case, or face an effort to “restructure” the Court!

This is probably a threat to “pack the Court” as was FDRs intention when the Court of his administration angered him. Packing the Court appears to be a Democratic Party response since I do not recall any attempt or treat to do so during the leftist Warren Court.

I do recall billboards calling for “Impeach Earl Warren” dotting across the landscape, but as ThinkProgress remarked this is a “Declaration of War” against what they perceive as a conservatively political Supreme Court, driven by the concepts of the Federalist Society.

(For the record, I hope they are right, because I support an original reading of the Constitution. As the deceased Justice Scalia brilliantly said, “The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.”

A NYC law is the case that has caused the five leftist Senators to “warn” the SCOTUS. The law forbids the bringing of handguns into city limits, even unloaded and in a locked container separated from ammunition.

Fearing a judicial review that would give SCOTUS another bite of the gun control issue, the progressives worry the gun rights might actually be expanded, as in “…shall not be infringed.”

NYC doesn’t want the law reviewed and has made changes so that the progressives can claim the SCOTUS will be reviewing a law that doesn’t exist, and perhaps drop their review.


It is in this toxic environment that one branch of the government threatens another. We will see what happens on or before Oct. 1 when SCOTUS is scheduled to hear the case. I suspect that this “warning” will amount to nothing, unless the Senate and President goes Democratic in the next election.

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