China Rising

The looming trade war is long overdue, and had it been done in a better fashion when we had greater leverage, we would have suffered less as a nation. China has been eating our lunch for decades, and in a manner that it intolerable in the long run…which is to say they regularly steal trade secrets.

I don’t care about their low-cost manufacturing whupping up on our toy industry. I care about their stealing of industrial secrets, which is done on an industrial scale. Time to cut off that spigot.

We still have leverage, although it will hurt us more than it would in the past. Our trade war could overlap into a kinetic war over either the island of Taiwan or the reefs the Chinese have fortified in the South China Sea in order to extend their “Territorial Waters” — which is concentrated piggy poo, and they know it. The International Court has told them so, but since they consider themselves the “Center of the Universe” they expand where they want to expand.

One thing they fear is the Japanese, and with good historical reason. They should fear us more because we defeated the Japanese, but recently pacifist doctrine has swept both the US and Japan, but not China, so China is acting more robust.

Recent wars we have engaged in were ground insurgencies so our Navy has been largely ignored in weaponry, and what we have is a bit rusty in warfare, but that is where we may be challenged.

Trump is not looking for a fight, in fact he is shutting down the Middle East as fast as feasible, but he is not likely to back down in Asia. Like the Trade War, a kinetic battle is better in the recent past, or now.

It would not be better in the future.

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