Unforced Error

Let me admit that it would be better for Trump if he had asked for an investigation of Hunter Biden at the start of his administration, and not during the Democratic Party Primary where Joe Biden is standing well in the field.

Now I am all in favor or investigating how Hunter could be paid $50,000 a month to sit of Board of a major Ukrainian energy company. Hunter doesn’t speak Ukrainian, and he knows nothing about energy.

The Hunter job was obviously a pean .to the US VP. It’s the old, “Would you give my kid a job” ploy.

The problem is investigating the obvious during the Democratic Party Primary. It looks bad and it gives the Democrats a lever. I have no idea if it qualifies as a “High crime” or even a “Misdemeanor,“ but it is an unforced error.

Pretty Toys?

I don’t know if we have a secret understanding with the Saudis to come to their aid, except to support their actions, but this is not our fight.

We sell them planes, and we train their pilots. For awhile their pilots were Royal Princes, and it was assumed by most of us that the King wouldn’t risk getting members of the Royal Family killed, so it was likely the planes we sold them were just pretty toys, but I have no idea what their current readiness for war looks like.

I just don’t think we have a dog in this fight. Obviously, we know where those missiles and drones came from, down to the foot, or at least the yard. This is a calculated strike by Iran, knowing that Trump is not looking for another war.


There is one pressure point, Kharg Island off the mainland of Iran. Knowing that the Iranian economy is dependent upon the refining going on upon Kharg Island, one can guess that it is heavily defended. One thing the US can do is blanket the defense electronics, should the Saudi’s decide to attack.

The Saudis are a brutal regime, and are our allies only because of oil. They have not been known to do anything that would annoy anyone except those much weaker than they, and Iran may just be too much for them.

Iran may just be counting on that.

No Clear Winners Ahead

Trump is a Revolutionary, and Revolutionaries are by nature those who kick over the milk bucket…historically with massive loss of life.

Trump is a Non-violent Revolutionary, the first of a kind, but hopefully not the last. Our nation has gone in the wrong direction for too long, and a large course correction was necessary. That requires a strong crank of the wheel to starboard.

Yes, Trump is an Autocrat, but he is a restrained Autocrat because he is a constrained Autocrat…constrained by law, constrained by political opposition, constrained by history and tradition.

Indeed he is personally unsuitable for office, but Revolutionaries are by nature. If they were suitable for office we would have had one sooner. He is kicking over the traces, supported by the rural population of the less effete, more plainspoken folks.

The Democrats are jockeying to oppose Trump, thinking him vulnerable. The question is who among the herd is a Counter-Revolutionary of sufficient urban support to unseat Trump. Yes,Hillary had more votes last time, just not in the right places, and Democrats are unlikely to make the same mistake again, but Hillary had a cult following and only Bernie Sanders has that. Unfortunately most of Bernie’s followers are in the Communist Party

The Sanders Train was sabotaged by the Democratic National Committee last time, and he is unable to re-fire its boilers due to age. At least I hope so.


The SCOTUS successfully stopped the Federal Judges around the nation who have serially interfered with various presidential attempts to get control of millions of illegal aliens trying to break into the country.

In the case in point, a Federal Judge in Northern California issued a nationwide ruling baring Trump’s Immigration Order, but the 9th Circuit told the judge his ruling could only cover his jurisdiction (California and Arizona borders), and vacated the Judge’s ruling. The Judge then reinstated his national ruling, the 9th Court slapped the District Federal Judge again, and SCOTUS shut down the District Federal Judge and the dance with the 9th.

SCOTUS has interceded with the ankle biters, much to the pique of Justices Ruth Badger Ginsburg and Sotomeyer, who wanted the subject to first go through the lower courts.

Basically, SCOTUS said that District Federal Judges had made a hash of immigration, and cut them off at the knees. by telling Trump, he could institute some of his orders while the immigration issues proceed through lower courts.

This means those seeking asylum must first apply in nations through which they travel, instead of rushing to the Southern Border of the US. Obviously, the Caravans to the Southern Border demonstrates a desire for economic gain.

The subject of asylum seekers and immigration will now grind through the Courts, but the default judicial position is the Executive Branch and not whichever District Federal Judge happens to pop up at any given time.

(Representative Meadows and Senator Cotton have introduced legislation to end a District Judge’s ability to pronounce national edicts, which has zero chance of being enacted.)

“We are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final.

Justice Robert Jackson

Tucker, Tucker, Tucker…

Interesting debate on Carlson last night, apparently Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic challenger, is quoting some part of the Bible to support his claim that abortion should be permitted until a child breathes. His brother-in-Law, a Preacher, was on the show to quote another part of the Bible he claims supports life beginning at conception.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention because nothing in the Bible has anything to do with US laws. The Bible is not referenced in the Constitution because we are a secular nation, and the Bible is immaterial. It would have no more validity in law than Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

Tucker Carlson should know better.


The firing of John Bolton, following the resignation of Jim Mattis, which was preceded by the firing of everyone in the D.C. telephone directory, is not at all surprising.

I vividly recall Trump’s comments before he was elected, in which he displayed his megalomania, after being asked with whom he would get advice:

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,”


I know what I’m doing, and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people, and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are,” Mr. Trump said in May of 2016. “But I speak to a lot of people, but my primary consultant is myself, and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”


Martial Law?

A large federal delegation is in talks with Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles regarding the LA homeless population, and Trump is considering doing something about the homeless

Exactly what the White House role in homelessness is a bit of a question, short of declaring Martial Law. While there is a threat of disease from large homeless populations, no major outbreaks have occurred outside the homeless populations, supporting a need for Martial Law.