Red Flag

The matter of gun control remains on the front burner because Chicago remains in the background every weekend, but someone, somewhere increases that base. In addition to gang warfare, which is always there as ambient noise, some mentally ill idiot kills many innocents.

I have written before of the nexus between guns and the mentally ill. Something needs to change that equation and there is no Constitutional right to be insane.

Many of my fellow NRA members scream about Red Flag laws, citing potential abuses, but every law can be and usually is abused. California has a Red Flag law, as they call the Gun Violence Restraining Order. San Diego has utilized Red Flag, and it has been used liberally, but well. Our DA has used the California Red Flag more than 300 times, and as I read some of the instances, I would disarm those individuals also.

Threats of suicide represented 25% of the San Diego County use of Red Flag, and 18% were PTSD and mental health. Judges use the Red Flag law in Domestic Violence cases, and the District Attorney used Red Flag in threats. In one case a worker at an automobile dealership made threats at a water cooler, and after the DA took the threat to a Judge, they found an Arsenal ,

Judges can remove guns for up to a year, and in some cases, a renewal can be instituted.

A Study by the Annals of Internal Medicine analyzed that since 2016, the State law has intercepted 21 potential mass shootings through Red Flag laws…not to say that those would not have been reported by family or co-workers.

Obviously, the Second Amendment is paramount, but at least in San Diego County the nexus between gun possession and mental illness is being interrupted successfully.

Whether SCOTUS ultimately agrees is up in the air. We will soon know

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