Toxic Culture

There is a FaceBook Meme that notes the fact that rural Texas (of my young age) school kids had rifles in every back window in school parking lots, but no one shot up schools.

Why, was the FB question.

The answer is Cultural Rot, caused by a majority suddenly worshiping Lesser Gods. The Genesis of this is a questioning of Western Culture.

This is insane! We live in Western Culture,, getting the benefits each and every day. There is no African equal to Bach, no American Indian equal to Da Vinci, no Australian Aboriginal equal to Chaucer! Drawing parallels with cultures who never invented the wheel, much less the printing press is completely delusional, worthy of assignment to a Laughing Academy with an annex for Shrieks!

I love jazz, an African based music, but in my youth I knew that it was a lower form of music to symphonic music. Today something called Rap with an African base is far more accepted than symphonic, a Western civilization based music. “Art” has devolved into paintings that are, literally, done by Chimpanzees, and Performance Art, which can literally be anything. Dance performances look nothing like the Ballet given us by Western Civilization Culture, and that which is popular dance is more like an exercise class than the romance of Western Culture.

But the one common thing that holds a culture together is language, and that has been totally debased. I was a Sailor at age 17 and I know, and use the Sailor’s vernacular well. Recently, I unfriended my Granddaughter because she poster something often Facebook that was so vulgar that it would offend a Sailor. Our Culture once differentiated between male locker room, and ship engine room talk, and ladies talk, But today girls use the “f” word liberally. In public! In mixed company!

It is far greater than just a generational change recognized by my elderly self, and naturally attributed to “The Next GenerationIs Going To Hell Syndrome”…it is a cultural change on steroids, debasing EVERYTHING in not just acceptance of the lesser, but inverting the scale. The lesser is the suddenly the greater.

Entropy is probably natural in civilizations, or in more common terms, cultural rot is normal but our particular cultural rot is in a disastrous spin. In the past, higher culture brought society culture up, now lower society brings society culture down. Witness TV “Reality Shows” which only project the lowest common denominators.

It is in this diminished cultural climate that the mentally ill discover they can achieve immortality by seizing guns and killing. In my Texas youth, every kid in school owned pistols, rifles and shotguns. Many had them in their trucks, and my graduating class had some bad kids. A few had felonies on their record, and several were mental cases, but that is not the kids shooting up schools.

No, it is loners with access to guns. Their parents know they are misfits, but if they know they are stocking guns they don’t call police. Some of my friends won’t support Red Flag laws, but they encourage family and friends to break the nexus between the mentally ill and guns AND the apparent need, in this culture, to ascend in publicity where they could not go in future financial success.

But it is the culture, the overall culture of Rap lyrics, Reality Shows, Priests Who have raped children by the tens of thousands, non Art, and yes, Donald Trump who is crude, lewd and rude but who defines us as a nation, into which these crazed killers feel free to operate.

It is the culture which provides them success. The guns and mentally ill coexisted before, only the culture has changed and it has vastly diminished. No individual part of it is responsible, but taken together it is toxic.

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