The SCOTUS successfully stopped the Federal Judges around the nation who have serially interfered with various presidential attempts to get control of millions of illegal aliens trying to break into the country.

In the case in point, a Federal Judge in Northern California issued a nationwide ruling baring Trump’s Immigration Order, but the 9th Circuit told the judge his ruling could only cover his jurisdiction (California and Arizona borders), and vacated the Judge’s ruling. The Judge then reinstated his national ruling, the 9th Court slapped the District Federal Judge again, and SCOTUS shut down the District Federal Judge and the dance with the 9th.

SCOTUS has interceded with the ankle biters, much to the pique of Justices Ruth Badger Ginsburg and Sotomeyer, who wanted the subject to first go through the lower courts.

Basically, SCOTUS said that District Federal Judges had made a hash of immigration, and cut them off at the knees. by telling Trump, he could institute some of his orders while the immigration issues proceed through lower courts.

This means those seeking asylum must first apply in nations through which they travel, instead of rushing to the Southern Border of the US. Obviously, the Caravans to the Southern Border demonstrates a desire for economic gain.

The subject of asylum seekers and immigration will now grind through the Courts, but the default judicial position is the Executive Branch and not whichever District Federal Judge happens to pop up at any given time.

(Representative Meadows and Senator Cotton have introduced legislation to end a District Judge’s ability to pronounce national edicts, which has zero chance of being enacted.)

“We are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final.

Justice Robert Jackson

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