No Clear Winners Ahead

Trump is a Revolutionary, and Revolutionaries are by nature those who kick over the milk bucket…historically with massive loss of life.

Trump is a Non-violent Revolutionary, the first of a kind, but hopefully not the last. Our nation has gone in the wrong direction for too long, and a large course correction was necessary. That requires a strong crank of the wheel to starboard.

Yes, Trump is an Autocrat, but he is a restrained Autocrat because he is a constrained Autocrat…constrained by law, constrained by political opposition, constrained by history and tradition.

Indeed he is personally unsuitable for office, but Revolutionaries are by nature. If they were suitable for office we would have had one sooner. He is kicking over the traces, supported by the rural population of the less effete, more plainspoken folks.

The Democrats are jockeying to oppose Trump, thinking him vulnerable. The question is who among the herd is a Counter-Revolutionary of sufficient urban support to unseat Trump. Yes,Hillary had more votes last time, just not in the right places, and Democrats are unlikely to make the same mistake again, but Hillary had a cult following and only Bernie Sanders has that. Unfortunately most of Bernie’s followers are in the Communist Party

The Sanders Train was sabotaged by the Democratic National Committee last time, and he is unable to re-fire its boilers due to age. At least I hope so.

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