Pretty Toys?

I don’t know if we have a secret understanding with the Saudis to come to their aid, except to support their actions, but this is not our fight.

We sell them planes, and we train their pilots. For awhile their pilots were Royal Princes, and it was assumed by most of us that the King wouldn’t risk getting members of the Royal Family killed, so it was likely the planes we sold them were just pretty toys, but I have no idea what their current readiness for war looks like.

I just don’t think we have a dog in this fight. Obviously, we know where those missiles and drones came from, down to the foot, or at least the yard. This is a calculated strike by Iran, knowing that Trump is not looking for another war.


There is one pressure point, Kharg Island off the mainland of Iran. Knowing that the Iranian economy is dependent upon the refining going on upon Kharg Island, one can guess that it is heavily defended. One thing the US can do is blanket the defense electronics, should the Saudi’s decide to attack.

The Saudis are a brutal regime, and are our allies only because of oil. They have not been known to do anything that would annoy anyone except those much weaker than they, and Iran may just be too much for them.

Iran may just be counting on that.

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