Iran usually uses proxy groups to attack the US, because the last time they took on the US Navy (1988), they lost a lot of planes and ships without so much as scratching an American paint job.

Subsequently, we ripped them a new one with a highly powerful computer software attack, and Iran planned a direct murder of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in a Washington, D.C. restaurant in 2017…both more direct actions than the proxy fights where we were in a defensive position.

Last week we directly hit an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq, Iran directed a group to attack the American Embassy in Iraq, and in our first recent direct kinetic action we took off the head of the snake.

Iran does not want a direct war because they have no ability to hit the US, except indirectly, while we can pulverize their nation. We risk getting their currently divided population into a patriotic mass, but the attack on our embassy could not be swept under the rug.

Iran should understand that, quite simply, Trump is not Obama. Iran cannot dig in at the plate, because they face an erratic 100+ MPH pitcher wearing thick glasses!

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