There is a sob story dominating the San Diego News…ICE has deported the Mother of an Army Lt. In the Intelligence Corps. Probably the assassination of Iran’s Intelligence Officer will diminish her case being national news.

(If her Intelligence Officer son has any intelligence he should have at least had his mother learn English in the 32 years she has lived here illegally! He didn’t!)

Not only has this Mother lived here for 32 years, but she has been deported to Mexico three times before! She has more experience with American laws on the subject of immigration than anyone who is reading this! She tells the San Diego Union that she hopes to return to the U. S. and, considering her experience at breaking our laws and recrossing after deportation, she is probably right.

She is a frequent flyer in the Justice system. It is a federal felony to return after deportation, but that felony is seldom enforced. This is her fourth deportation, and locally that puts her in the lower tier of frequent flyers. The record locally, is 17 deportations and returns.

Federal immigration law is a farce.

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