Next Move?

I hope no one believes this is the end of the Iranian crises. Iran has been at war with us for 40 years and will not go quietly into the night.

Through almost all of that 40 years, Iran has used proxies because their military dares not meet ours, but something changed several years ago, probably fueled by the $1.7 billion dollars Obama fed them. Of course it was all their money, $400 million plus interest accrued over 25 years, but that cash, delivered in Swiss francs, fueled a lot of proxies and pumped up the Iranian missile advances.

I am not quite certain when Iran made the new and very stupid move of direct confrontation, but something gave them barroom courage and it was badly timed because Trump is president.

Perhaps the first move was the seizure of the British tanker, but the shooting down of the $19 million drone in the Strait of Hormuz was specifically a tweak of Trump’s nose. The direct attack on the Saudi oil field was a game changer in that it was missiles fired directly from Iranian soil.

Iran was getting frisky and not using its proxies, for some reason. They felt less need for deniability. I suspect there were simply attacks that proxies couldn’t perform.

Where does it go from here, I have no clue because it will depend upon how much proxy activity Trump permits before he again strikes directly at the head of the snake. I doubt it will be much, but proxies like Hezbollah has already been provided with thousands of rockets, and can attack Israel without Iranian guidance.

Then what?

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