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Trump wants the U.S. out of the Middle East. Iran wants the U.S. out of the Middle East.

Someone needs to tell the Ayatollah about the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. The British Army wanted out of France. The French Army wanted the British Army out of France.

But instead of letting the small, starving, dysentery-ridden British Army to march to the British held port of Calais so they could go back to Britain, the French marched quickly to get between the British Army and their leaving!

A massive, French Army, which may have been as large as 36,000, led by the cream of French Knighthood on massive warhorses, got between the tiny British force of 6,000 led personally by King Henry V, and their exit spot from French soil. (This has to be the most stupid thing the French ever did…all it had to do was let the British leave, but no o o o…)

The French initial attack on Warhorses got mired in a muddy field, and British Longbowmen, who had a range of 300 yards, lethal at 200 yards and able to penetrate armor at 100 yards, could and did launch 12 arrows a minute per man. Their starving 6,000 could, and did fill the air with 60,000 arrows in five minutes, decimating and routing the cream of the French Knighthood, and the British dragged themselves to Calais.

The British lost about 600 men, but they killed almost 6,000 Frenchmen, and the French Knighthood never recovered. All the French needed to do was leave the British alone, and all the Iranians need to do is leave is leave the U.S. alone.

We will see if the Iranians are smarter than the French!

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