Farce Enroute to Tragedy

I tried. Lord, I tried, but my days are too few to spend more time listening to the same thing said in 100 different ways, by 50 different voices. If I were a sitting Senator I would have filled a notebook solving for Pi to the maximum decimals I can fill the notebook.

Actually, I believe the Senators are getting what they deserve, and we already have more laws than are necessary. Only if they start rescinding existing laws

The old saw is that if you don’t know jewels, know your jeweler.

I do not know presidential impeachment, but I do know Alan Dershowitz…not personally, but I have followed him for decades, read his books and lectures voraciously.

So, when he tells me that Trump should not have been impeached for Abuse of Power, I take that as truth. Not absolute truth, but Constitutional truth. He has been a liberal icon for many decades, but he isn’t getting much love from liberals these days.

This Impeachment is a partisan farce.

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